It's all about handcrafted quality

A little about us, our founders, how it works and some fun photos of us in action!

The makings of Our Dream

Here at Campbell and Gunn we are a small family business based in Labelle, Florida and our motto is quality over quantity.  Kevin and Bobbie Seiler have backgrounds in Public safety and know the challenges in the career field and honor all services.   With years of tragedy and loss, Kevin developed PTSD and needed an outlet to recover.  With the form of therapy, Kevin began to work diligently for recipes that everyone would absolutely enjoy.  (Believe me there was a lot of trail and errors in the process).   Early in 2016 is when it all began from the basic research on how soaps were made and how long it would take to cure in South Florida.  We found out that so many chemicals were in mass batches that they actually are harmful for our skin and causes allergic reactions or skin problems.   Our soap is made carefully with the perfect recipe and some even have pumice in them for that little extra that we all need. 

All of our soaps are made with natural ingredients and made in small batches to provide the key moisture needed for the skin.   We will not put palm oil in our products and use other oils to keep our products more environmentally friendly.  Using only organic and natural indigents is what makes our soap wonderful.   But we don’t just sell soap.   From our travels across America we have met some amazing companies along the way.   All of our products are made in the USA and also from small companies just like ourselves.  


 We are located at:

443 W. Hickpochee Ave

LaBelle, Florida 33935

Store hours are Mon-Sat 11-6